Monday, October 27, 2008

Chiara's "Mommy"!

To all the mommies and would/will be mommies-----

I had my first experience as "mommy" yesterday! Now, my daughter is almost 2 1/2 so there have been many times that I have been "the mommy" and she has called to/for/at me as such. However, yesterday, for the first time my daughter displayed to me the clear fact that I am her mommy and what hat means to her....

So we were shopping at Ross (the bargain addiction of my life) when Chiara accidentally scratched her lip on a toy that she was holding. In the middle of all the sad yet magnetic discount purses and handbags she started screaming bloody murder. Then, with this expression that said she had figured out something new, she looked at me teary-eyed and said "You make it go away mommy?!", put her lip out and waiting for me to kiss her hurt little lip until it didn't hurt anymore.

In the end, I was able to make her lip stop hurting and the tears stop coming. I am so excited to know that I have officially become her mom. I mean the birth certificate authenticates that I gave birth to her, but until that moment I never had any affirmation from her that she saw it that way-not in the real sense anyway. The sense that tells her instinctively, and with total trust that if she hurts, fears or needs, that I take care of that for her. WOW!

I tell ya' man-Babies are cute, but nothing could ever beat this!

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ericap said...

It helps that you are the mommy to the friggin cutest "li-lle" girl in the world!