Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Colombian Free Trade Article Published

Please take a look at the article linked here. The position that the new administration takes on Colombian can shape the policy practices in Latin American for the remainder of Obama's first term. It will also set the stage for how we play-out scenarios with countries that are clear Human Rights violators.


Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Dreams For My Daughter!

Today marks the day that any dreams or aspirations that I may have for my daughter, became more real-actually possible. Any obstacles she may face, as she assuredly will, will not be due to the door being slammed shut and locked in her face. The "door"was kicked down and kicked down so hard the house fell apart. Now we get the privilege to rebuild it into a fine mansion. A home in which we all can fit.

Today being American means walking with your head a bit higher.

Thank you Barack Obama for my making my daughter's life a bit easier and mine a bit better! My gratitude is unconditional and endless.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Well there is nothing left to say, but OMG we are here. I have volunteered, waited in line, seen the paper ballad machine break in front me as I am 10 people away from submitting it (For the record: Braddock District, VA-Burke Commons Location), voided my paper ballot, got back in line to re-vote and voted electronically. Ugh! What a day! What a feeling! We are hours away people from history-real history. History with some hope for the future attached to it.

Monday, October 27, 2008

The Bradley Effect-Say It Ain't So!

The Bradley Effect, scary! The Bradley Effect being the "syndrome" named as such after African-American Mayor Bradley of Los Angeles lost the race for CA Governor in 1982 to a white candidate. The theory is that all those self-proclaimed progressive white folks that say they are voting for a black candidate get cold feet when it comes time to actually cast their ballad.

Can that happen now? Oh, I hope not. The white, black, brown, purple, blue and rainbow color people that I have had conversations with seem genuine when they say they are voting Obama. I am not a psychologist, but it seems that most people are more afraid of losing their jobs and going broke then what catastrophic events, may occur as a result of having a black President.

It would be a real shame and a major set-back, to say the least, if we have progressed so far as to have a black Presidential Candidate- who is winning by a landslide judging by all polls, only to have him lose because we have not actually progressed-only learned how to hide our bigotry well enough to give an illusion of change.

Chiara's "Mommy"!

To all the mommies and would/will be mommies-----

I had my first experience as "mommy" yesterday! Now, my daughter is almost 2 1/2 so there have been many times that I have been "the mommy" and she has called to/for/at me as such. However, yesterday, for the first time my daughter displayed to me the clear fact that I am her mommy and what hat means to her....

So we were shopping at Ross (the bargain addiction of my life) when Chiara accidentally scratched her lip on a toy that she was holding. In the middle of all the sad yet magnetic discount purses and handbags she started screaming bloody murder. Then, with this expression that said she had figured out something new, she looked at me teary-eyed and said "You make it go away mommy?!", put her lip out and waiting for me to kiss her hurt little lip until it didn't hurt anymore.

In the end, I was able to make her lip stop hurting and the tears stop coming. I am so excited to know that I have officially become her mom. I mean the birth certificate authenticates that I gave birth to her, but until that moment I never had any affirmation from her that she saw it that way-not in the real sense anyway. The sense that tells her instinctively, and with total trust that if she hurts, fears or needs, that I take care of that for her. WOW!

I tell ya' man-Babies are cute, but nothing could ever beat this!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

"The Credit Tsunami"

Before I even begin, I am a Greenspan fan! Under Clinton he was a genius of low unemployment percentage bliss. However, I do not believe he is as shocked as he claims to be by this crisis.

Is Alan Greenspan serious? In Alan Greenspan's most interview he called the current financial crisis "a once-in-a-century-credit-tsunami". Then had the nerve to end with how this would eventually pass and the nation would have a "far sounder" financial system for it. Um, hopefully that will happen by the time people who need to retire on what we can now refer to (thanks to his colorful quote) as a drowned retirement fund.

I wonder if the people who were actually hit by the Tsunami a few years ago feel it has made them stronger, or made them more appreciative of what is left of their lives?

Greenspan needs to re-read (as I can only assume that he has at least skimmed) Adam Smith's Wealth of Nations, "When the regulation, therefore, is in support of the workman, it is always just and equitable; but it is sometimes otherwise when in favour of the masters."

Government regulations within the confines of public protection is a good thing! They regulate the amount of our income we "donate" to them, the speed we drive, the amount of public drunkenness we can display and the emissions level of our cars - all in the interest of our safety and the safety of the world in which we live. I will point out that, in turn, we are supposed to regulate them and kick them out of office for pulling fast ones with our precious saftey and well-being, not just for a little under-the-desk-intern action, but I digress. Can they please regulate the banks that are recklessly handling of our workforce's money, credit and future? They do not have to ultra-regulate. There is a difference between Stalinist Socialism and protecting the people from irresponsible corporation policy.

I think what angers me the most is that these anti-regulatory monsters have set us all up for what will be the most regulated economy we have had in a very long time. I do not have the exact time, but wish that did have it on hand. However, I do know that the only way to solve this now is with mass-regulation. Regulation on how they spend our $700 billion. Let us not forget that no foreign investors will trust us again unless they know our corporate toddlers are being watched-and watched carefully. My toddler could do better! Hey, she already knows that stealing is wrong and unlike the executives at AIG, it doesn't cost her $400,000 to play with her friends or wipe her own butt!

My Daughter's Idol-Captain Barack Obama

My daughter wants to be Captain Jack Sparrow for Halloween. Maybe this is a sign that she actually wants to be the next ground breaking Presidential Candidate!
......First Latina President of the United States, Chiara Marie... Ooh that has a ring to it :)