Tuesday, October 21, 2008

"Nail in the Coffin?" Powell Does the Right Thing Once Again

So to the many of us inflicted with split personality, Democratic fans of Colin Powell, Sunday provided us with a sense of vindication and delight. Colin Powell officially endorsed Barack Obama on "Meet the Press". He very clearly (and as always calmly) laid out points, also known as facts, as to why Barack Obama is the best candidate in the 2008 Presidential race. He brought to light a point that even the most dedicated Republicans must face-Barack Obama is what the United States need right now. He defends McCain's military legacy, political years of experience and even his personal ethics. However, none of this congers the "inspiration" that Barack Obama does in a time when the American people desperately need it. Barack Obama and john McCain have credentials that put them where they are today, but Obama offers hope, "intellectual rigor", change and a new world view.

My favorite part of all of this, is that not only does all of this insight come from a highly regarded Republican, but a man of incomparable military knowledge. A man that knows Iraq. A man that knew this time in Iraq would not be the same as when Bush Senior (aka Dweedle Dee) led us into it. The demise of a dictator is a good thing. The neglect of the actual war,the one on terror that we are supposed to be fighting, is a bad thing. Colin Powell ought to be trusted. For any of those fence liners, here is your answer. Newt Gingrich is labeling this endorsement "The Nail in the Coffin". Take it for what it is, the last sign you should need in deciding who will better serve our nation.

Frankly the word 'coffin' being used anywhere near the word 'McCain" scares the hell out of me.

Hypothetically: McCain=President=Coffin=Palin in Presidency=Loss of all civil liberty and national respect for ourselves it have taken hundreds of years and thousands of lives to earn!


Please visit the Meet The Press Interview where Powell comments on Palin himself.


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