Friday, October 17, 2008

2 weeks left---

Hypertension, Anxiety, Paranoia. Serious ailments that seems to have devoured me after this last debate. Never in my voting life (more than a few years), have I been so overwhelmingly alarmed by the possibility of "my candidate" not winning. A seemingly 6th grade election mentality, I know. However, this juvenile mindset is at the core of what is a genuinely adult fear. I am a mother of a young daughter whose reproductive rights are in jeopardy! My retirement is in jeopardy! My ability to own a house and be able to send my daughter to college without incurring the massive debt that I had to suffer! Now that we are done watching the candidates duke it out in our living rooms and the ability to reach that mass audience (namely the undecided voters) there is this unfamiliar sense of antagonistic dread over the upcoming weeks. Weeks filled with waiting-waiting to find out if my daughter will be able to enjoy the same reproductive freedoms I have or whether she may have to re-fight a battle won for her so many years before she was born.

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