Monday, October 27, 2008

The Bradley Effect-Say It Ain't So!

The Bradley Effect, scary! The Bradley Effect being the "syndrome" named as such after African-American Mayor Bradley of Los Angeles lost the race for CA Governor in 1982 to a white candidate. The theory is that all those self-proclaimed progressive white folks that say they are voting for a black candidate get cold feet when it comes time to actually cast their ballad.

Can that happen now? Oh, I hope not. The white, black, brown, purple, blue and rainbow color people that I have had conversations with seem genuine when they say they are voting Obama. I am not a psychologist, but it seems that most people are more afraid of losing their jobs and going broke then what catastrophic events, may occur as a result of having a black President.

It would be a real shame and a major set-back, to say the least, if we have progressed so far as to have a black Presidential Candidate- who is winning by a landslide judging by all polls, only to have him lose because we have not actually progressed-only learned how to hide our bigotry well enough to give an illusion of change.

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ericap said...

People are stupid. I mean, we gave the "All American Joe Friggin 6 Pack" a shot, and look at where it has gotten us...sickening if people are still that ignorant.